Our Process


Meliora trains its undergraduate Consulting Counselors in communication, the learning process, and technical groundwork that all lead to helping high school students through academic success, and preparing for the future, in and out of the classroom.

More than Mentorship


The Meliora Consulting Counselors program is a unique internship that is built on professional training and operates through lasting relationships between high school students and undergraduates.

Our Goal


Our goal is to have 100% of our seniors graduate from high school ready for a rigorous college curriculum, 100% of our juniors see an increase in their SAT and other college admission scores, and 100% of our freshman and sophomores participate in community service and leadership.

the Internship


- Counselors will be required to attend mandatory training in the beginning of the semester twice a week, for 3-4 weeks.


- Following training, counselors will meet with their Student Scholar once a week - transportation provided.


- The internship will not be financially compensated, but we will work with counselors to obtain academic credit for the internship, where applicable.


- Because the program is built on developing close relationships between Consulting Counselors and Student Scholars, we request that counselors sign up for a two-semester commitment when joining the program.


- The period for early applications has closed. Regular decision applications are due Friday, September 13, at 5PM.



Apply for the internship


1) Download the application


2) Fill out all parts of the application and save the application as your name


3) Send the application, along with your most current resume, a copy of your SIS schedule, and a square headshot to info@melioracharlottesville.org